Hotel 2 stars Rimini

Hotel 2 stars Rimini

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Rimini is like the blues: inside there is everything. So said Luciano Ligabue, the famous Italian popsinger. And everything is really all. They sleep in tents or in the suite 5 Star of the Grand Hotel di Rimini Federico Fellini's favourite by, This is a good place to get.

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There is a beautiful itinerary of art and culture.
Unique masterpieces of Roman and Renaissance period. A walk
Barefoot by the sea long 15 km, for chat or meditations.
227 bathing establishments. In Addition 1100 Hotels. An excellent organization
for children. Rimini is a city laboratory. From here the trends
newer: street bar, happy hour, aperitif on the beach, dinner by the sea,
sport of the future (the next games), nordic walking on the sand. But above all it is
the atmosphere that you live: particular. "Rimini, beauty ". You'll like. A perfect
situation to build friendships of a lifetime. So for those who have little time and
many curiosities, Here is an optimized schedule of things to do and see.
The prettiest and walks to where you can't give up. The list of things not to
Miss. The most beloved of the city lives. And of course a bit of history.
But history. For the rest, in this little space of course, We will give you many input.
But you have to put your heart and go and find out for yourself.
You will not regret. You'll find everything