Hotel 2 Star Hotel Madrid

Hotel 2 Star Hotel Madrid

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Madrid, cosmopolitan city like London or Berlin has plenty of innovative architectures, trendy places and Galeries ’ modern art, with an active nightlife.
The landscape of Madrid is shaped by his religious and Royal history. Huge, monoliticche there are many cathedrals and churches in Madrid

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The history of Madrid begins before you even call this, i.e. in prehistory, whose remains are located in the vicinity of the river Manzanares and in places like Ciempozuelos. Continue to the ruins that the Roman Empire left in province of Madrid, whose maximum expression took place at Complutum (ancient origin of Alcalá de Henares). There and in the municipalities of Titulcia and Cadalso de los Vidrios persist even today the signs of Roman presence in the region of Madrid.

During the 20th century, Madrid has passed by two dictatorships, a Republic, a civil war, several years of Transition, until we reach present-day Democracy. Madrid was becoming silent witness of the events, ' you suffer firsthand, and its people, who knew how to be born again with the arrival of better times.