Hotel 2 Star Los Angeles

Hotel 2 Star Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is the largest city in California and second of all d ’ United States America.

Along with New York and Chicago is one of the three most important cities of the country and it is an economic centre, Scientific and cultural world significance

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The Californian metropolis is in the collective imaginary ’ a place where the sun always shines, and in fact Los Angeles, with an average annual temperature between a min. by 17 and a max. by 28 degrees and tens of kilometers of beaches, making it one of the most desirable destinations for holidays throughout the year ’.

Los Angeles, It owes its current name from the original name: Ciudad de la Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles sobra la Porciúncula de Asis, — City of Church of our Lady of the angels of Assisi Porzincola (the Porziuncola is a church located just outside the city of Assisi – Italy, in the locality of Sa Maria degli Angeli).

Los Angeles is now the largest and most populous city in California and the second the United States d dictys ’ America.

Along with New York and Chicago, Los Angeles (or L.. as commonly called its inhabitants), is one of the three most important cities in the United States and is an economic center, Scientific and cultural world assolurilevanza.