Hotel 2 stars Venice

Hotel 2 stars Venice

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Venice, only, magical and unrepeatable, born from the sea foam as Venus, the beautiful goddess of beauty.

But Venice is not a place to read but rather a magical place to discover and experience: unique environment to be admired by day, with a ’ romantic evening atmosphere.

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If you want to be guided by the hand in a fascinating journey through history, in ’ art and traditions of a lesser known and visited Venice, go to the discovery of its traditional fiestas or traditional Venetian recipes, take a dip in the lagoon of Venice to discover its typical boats, or among his sestrieri…

To know the history of Venice, find out how was formed the city, What are the places of artistic interest, the monuments, the ancient Venetian palaces, What can you visit in a particular Church, What are the most interesting museums in Venice…

If you are looking for things to see in Venice, in churches, museums and places of interest you can find ’ of sheets decorated with a description on ’ art and history and practical information, useful to browse to the location of your visit, While the glossary can help even those who are not of Venice to navigate between the Venetian dialect, the most frequent terms and many typical expressions that happen to hear going to stroll through the city…

The vast lagoon surrounding Venice is witness of the precarious balance achieved by man in centuries-old struggle between the erosive force of the sea and the construction of the rivers.