Hotel 2 stars Rome

Hotel 2 stars Rome

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D capital ’ Italy is the largest and most populated city of the country. Center of the Roman Empire ’, dominated the ’ Europe, the North Africa and the Middle East for four hundred years.

Rome is now one of the most visited cities in the world. We can find traces of the medieval past, Renaissance, barocco, the city's neoclassical and fascist.

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Is the city with the highest concentration of historic and architectural heritage in the world; its old town bounded by the perimeter of the Aurelian walls, overlap of testimony from nearly three millennia, is an expression of the historical heritage, world cultural and artistic European and Western, in 1980, along with extraterritorial properties of the Holy see in the city and the basilica of San Paolo fuori le mura, has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage site.
Rome, the heart of Catholic Christianity, It is the only city in the world to accommodate within the foreign State, the enclave of Vatican City: for this reason it is often referred to as the capital of two States.
In addition the 16% world cultural heritage in Rome (the 70% throughout Italy).