Hotel 2 star Paris

Hotel 2 star Paris

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View from the river Seine Paris is a breathtaking vision. No European city revolves around its river as Paris.

For the first time in Paris you could start by Chaps-Elysees. The ’ Arc de Triomphe and Place de la Concorde from the ’ more. And Then? Louvre, Notre Dame, Pantheon and much more.

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Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, most visited, and probably the most romantic planet, does honor to its reputation and does not disappoint anyone who is coming to visit, but rather, When leaving the traveler hears the displeasure of not having more time, or money, to stay longer in a magic city, with a special spell that is felt in every corner, each square, or just in each of its cafes.

Unlike other major European cities, Paris does not have a “Center” defined around which expands the city, rather each subdivision is “Center”, and this because Paris doesn't have continued to absorb the small towns that were at its periphery, but they have maintained their independence despite the administrative boundary between some of these small towns and the great city of Paris is only a pedestrian crossing.

From this time to stay “locked up” makes every Paris has an antique look and classic, and a walk through Paris is a walk through a place where time does not seem to exist, where in spite of the noise and movement of one of the most important cities of the world the visitor will have the feeling of being in a place that hasn't changed for decades or even centuries.