Hotel 2 stars Milan

Hotel 2 stars Milan

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Milan is the second largest Italian city, located in the North of the country. Economic and fashion capital of Italy ’, Milan was one of the principal cities of the Italian Renaissance.

He is currently an ongoing project of urban re-design because Milan will host the Expo in ’ 2015.


Milan is a city in continual transformation. While ancient origins, It is a bustling metropolis remarkably young and looking to the future.

New and modern neighborhoods are added to those already present, constantly changing the face of the city. There are new academic and residential Centres. Some ancient popular districts were "recovered", becoming management offices or even "trend". The past is joined in this by creating a new identity for the city. There are even areas that animate the milanese nightlife. Among all recall the Navigli, Brera, Corso Como and the Isola neighbourhood ...

Finally, It should not be forgotten that the many infrastructure projects in the pipeline at Expo 2015 are to redesign the face of milanese territory.