Hotel 2 London stars

Hotel 2 London stars

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Multiethnic metropolis of global significance, one of the few large capitals of the world, is a city that has enormous influence in terms of culture, communication.

For the first time in London you could start from Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, parks, museums of ancient art and markets.

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The city was founded by the Romans who called it Londinium and used it as a port on the River Thames. During this time, London was erected in capital of Britannia by the Romans who left at ’ beginning of the 5th century when the legions left the entire island ’.
In the medieval period London increased its importance confirmed by Westminster Abbey. In this Abbey (not to be confused with the Cathedral of Westminster, It is the seat of the Catholic Archbishop ’) Since the middle ages are crowned all England ’ King. The Royal residence d ’ England was, from the Norman period, the Castle-fortress of the Tower of London, where today are the Crown jewels.
Over the years about Roman London developed what is now the financial district (the City).
London was then enlarged considerably in every direction, incorporating the countryside, Woods, villages and towns. From the 16th century to the first half of the twentieth century was the capital of the British Empire ’.