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Hotel 2 Star Dublin

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Dublin is the capital of Ireland ’, located near the center of ’ Island to the East of the coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey.

Architectural feature of Dublin is the mix of old and new. The vibrant nightlife of the city is well known throughout Europe and the Temple Bar area is centered.


Dublin is a young capital, vitale, multientnica, full of pubs and artistic; is a city located on the tranquil atmosphere that is breathed in its innumerable parks, and the lively atmosphere that can be found in trendy. And it is these contrasts that make Dublin a city "to visit".

The capital of the Republic of Ireland (see map) and largest city of the entire Irish island, Dublin has had a troubled past, suffering and turbulent because of the many achievements of foreign peoples over the centuries. Today is the most important commercial center, the country's administrative and economic.

But Dublin is a city rich in particular from a cultural point of view. His literary history is famous worldwide and tied to figures such as William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw and Samuel Beckett and especially James Joyce, with his opera Dubliners has provided an interesting picture of Dublin of the first ' 900.