Hotel 2 Star Berlin

Hotel 2 Star Berlin

Berlin 1763 Hotels

The city of Berlin is not only the capital of Germany, but also a symbol of the recent history.

Famous for its internationalism and tolerance, for its vibrant Berlin nightlife is distinguished for its numerous cafés, clubs and bars, for its street art and for its many museums, palaces and other sites of cultural interest.

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Without a real Center, Berlin is a city where monuments and attractions are distributed everywhere. Most of the places to visit are East of the Brandenburg Gate, on either side of the Unter den Linden Boulevard.

The heart of West Berlin remains instead the Ku damm ’, with its elegant bars and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Gedächtniskiche, where a ruined section is still in memory of WWII bombing. The Zoo and Aquarium ’, a short walk, offer pleasant moments of relaxation.

Alexanderplatz, one of the main places of aggregation of East Berlin, it witnessed many historical events and planning that have marked the city. Under this piazza cross centuries of urbanism and architecture, of political and social upheaval and the numerous public discussions on its future attitude make it a fascinating attraction