Hotel 2 Stars Lisbon

Hotel 2 Stars Lisbon

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Lisbon is a very ancient town, capital of Portugal and located on the North of the Tagus River.
City that retains strong links with its past, without losing the challenge of modernity. To discover Lisbon we advise you to get lost in the maze of its thousands of lanes, continuous salts and descend in the city.

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Lisbon is a city lit up. The Tagus and the Sun, which shines almost always, make the Portuguese capital one colored mirror, where beauty and architectural peculiarities do not go unnoticed.
In Lisbon, there is always plenty to see and do, in front of each visitor opens a world of possibilities for the most varied experiences:

Stroll through Lisbon that has a thousand years of history, rich in monuments, Typical areas where the city was born and remains the most authentic.

Visit the Tagus in Lisbon with a walk by the river dedicated to fun and the monumental area of Belém to modern Parque das Nações.

Have fun in a Lisbon full of night without movement and endless hours.

Take advantage of a more sporting Lisbon with Golf and sea so close.

Enjoy a more serene in its Lisbon parks, Gardens, belvedere, bars and terraces.

Try a Lisbon of pure pleasure in its gastronomy, luxury hotels, in the Spa and shopping.